Payment Gateway

Your shopping app will be integrated with the payment gateways offered by Wpfluid. The Wpfluid plug-in presently offers COD and Paypal. The other payment gateways will be availale soon with the new release. Need any payment gateway? Tell us!.



Wpfluid plug-in supports all the default Woocommerce shipping methods. If there is any third party extension for shipping method which is implemented following Woocommerce standards then it can be integrated in the app as well without any custom effort.


Product Catalogue

Wpfluid has integrated a number of functionalities including:Simple Product, Product Zoom Function, Product List Sorting, Out of Stock Label with Product Listing to enable you to create your shopping app.


User Account Management

Woolfuid provides the simple and easy way to manage your user account:User Log In/Log Out Option, User Registration, Personalized settings, User My Order Page, User My Profile Page, Purchase history. You can develop a satisfactory relation with your customers.


Platforms Supported

The Wpfluid plug-in supports both most popular mobile platforms in the market i.e Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad). You can instantly and easily create your shopping app through which you can connect to a larger number of mobile clients.


Seamless Integration

Wpfluid plug-in synchronizes your shopping app with your woocommerce store. All the changes made on the website Catalog updates, Product categories, Customers profile etc. are reflected onto your shopping app.



The theme is a preset package containing graphical appearance details of your shopping app and is the first look through which you grab attention of your customers. Wpfluid has in-built plug-in with our vibrant theme “Elegant”. If your brand demand’s more we can build your custom theme. Contact us!.


Theme Customization Tool

Customize the theme elements to retain the look and feel of your mobile app alike your website.With Wpfluid plug-in you can set : app logo,app banner,custom icons,background,header,text font,button colour and many more things.